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Are you a fishing enthusiast? Then you probably do not might spending to travel across the globe and spend. Fishing is a very friendly hobby, and as long as you have a pond close by that has fish in it, you are good to go. But certain people have luxurious tastes, and if you do not mind travelling across the world just to quench the need for fishing and be enthralled with its beauty, then this is the list that you are exactly looking forward to. So with no further delay, let us get to the list of top 4 fishing spots across the globe.

Kola Peninsula, Russia

The world is already at the end of this month and here we are on our list of the best fishing spots. You must probably be gone by now because May is the nest month to fish as long as Russia is concerned. The Umba River in the Kola Peninsula is Russia’s beauty, and that is the river that adds life to it. This is the one place in the whole of the world that deems fit to prey on Salmon. You simply find and best and the tasty ones here. But do not worry about the month. It looks like the season is on this is the end of October.


The Cairns is also one of the best places to fish in the world. It is located on the Australian continent. The Great Barrier Reef is one place where anybody with bait is sure to find a fish. But the best catch in here in the Australian rivers shall be the great black marlin, and that is the best breed in the Australian soil. You must be quite lucky to get your hands on them. When it comes to Australia, Lizard Island is one place that you can’t afford to miss.

Southern America:

Just like Australia, South America is also one of the best places to fish. If you are here, we are sure you will never face disappointment. Your bait is not going come out without a fish in it. They are so plentiful in number that you will hardly need bait to get a lucky catch. When it comes to the South American rivers, the best catch shall be the catfish. The native people are so skilled enough to hand fish them.


If you are really good when it comes to fishing and never once you have doubted your skills, then Mongolia is a competitive ground. The best catch here is the Taimen fish, and they are simply amazing and grand in size and the same when it comes to taste. They are fierce in the sea, and that is why they are nicknamed as river wolves.

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